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The Centre is a hub of aquaculture knowledge to all ages of Kenyan and non Kenyan citizens. It offers simple lectures and demonstrations to Nursery, Primary and Secondary school going children. It also offers structured lectures on request to farmers, university and middle level college students at the Centre’s training facility. Among the areas frequently requested for lectures include;

  1. Hatchery techniques
  2. Fish nutrition
  3. Fish genetics
  4. Culture systems
  5. Fish diseases
  6. Water quality
  7. Fish handling and transportation
  8. Value addition and post harvest losses
  9. Aquaculture economics


NARDTC has a structured curriculum for training of various aspects across the aquaculture value chain (AVC). The training lectures and demonstrations are carried out within the Centre facilities. The Centre has well equipped laboratories and lecture halls. A newly constructed hostel for visiting resident trainees has a capacity of 48 persons at ago. The hostel is equipped with cafeteria, internet services, reading tables and laundry services.  Tailor made courses are also offered on request by farmers. Among the areas emphasized during training include

  • Site selection, Pond design and construction
  • Seed selection and stocking
  • General fish farm management
  • Fish diseases and diseases control
  • Fish nutrition
  • Fish genetics
  • Culture systems
  • Water quality
  • Fish handling and transportation
  • Value addition and post harvest losses
  • Aquaculture economics


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